The use of lightweight polymer films instead of traditional glass allows new applications for the proven technology of crystalline silicon cells.

The careful choice of materials and their thickness creates the right balance between protection of thin photovoltaic cells and the creation of a flexible and light case. Extreme flexibility, which will surprise anyone who has handled a crystalline solar cell, normally so brittle that they break under very low stress.

Solbian is the leading producer of lightweight, flexible solar panels. We have very competitive prices on their range of products, from 50 W to 156 W panels, for battery use or grid solutions. Contact us, we are glad to submit you our quote.

Prices for these panels start from CHF 4.50 per Watt, depending on the size of the panels, quantity and type of cell, and can reach at the maximum CHF 9.00 for the model reaching the highest efficiency. Prices include VAT of 8%.